Friday, September 24, 2010

Urban Rivals: Levels 1-15 and making clintz

Since I've seen a few of my readers on Urban Rivals, I thought I'd post up a few tips and ways to make money.  If you haven't heard of it, click here to read my initial review or just scan the article for typos.  The first few levels go very quickly, and the first goal is to get to level 7.  Once you are there you can make clintz a lot faster.  As you work your way to level 7 keep these things in mind:

General Tips
  • As soon as possible, try to narrow your deck down to one or two clans.  This will allow you to have active clan bonuses every game, which can greatly help your chance of winning.
  • If you are playing on the website, you should see two modes available, non-random and normal.  I suggest switching your game to non-random as soon as possible.  This will make it so that whoever has the highest attack always wins.  I can't really write a strategy guide for random mode other than kiss the blarney stone, keep a fish scale in your pocket, or whatever you kids do these days.
  • As you level up more game modes open up to you, and more ways to make clintz to buy better cards.
  • Make sure you check out any new cards your opponent has.  There are a few cards that can do 12 damage in one shot, so don't be taken unaware.
  • If you are playing in non random, and the two cards end up with the same attack, the one with less stars wins.  If the stars are equal, whoever played first wins.
  • The player with the most stars out plays first.
  • Completing missions is a good way to get going.  Missions can give up to 2k clintz, 15 credits, or rare cards!  Check out mission details on this wiki.
  • Remember to use you bonus XP frequently, as it refills fully when you level up.
  • There are some useful posts on the general help message board as well.

Level 7-Daily Tournaments
Every other hour there is a tournament that lasts for one hour.  If there isn't one currently going on, that means the next one starts at the top of the next hour.  Joining a tournament is simple, simply join the Fights Type 1 or Fights Type 2 rooms and do a quick challenge.

As a beginner, you are unlikely to win the Tournament, but there is a 50 clintz prize for participating.  The tournament is based on how many points you score in a game.  A loss is worth a base of 3 points and a draw is worth a base of 4 points.  A win is worth a base of 8 points.  You get extra points for defeating a higher star card with a lower star card, for winning by KO with pillz left over, and for winning with more than 12 life.  (Tests have shown that gains from having extra pillz or life may be limited to 2 extra points per battle).  Most of the points come from beating high star cards with low star cards.  A 16 star deck will rack up a lot of points for every win.
If you withdraw or get timed out, you will be hit for a -20 point penalty and if you finish with a negative Tournament score, you get no clintz!

If you can finish in the top 1/3rd of a Tournament, you get an automatic credit added onto your account.  Additional winnings go out to the top 150 places in the tournament as follows:

Clintz jackpot:
Starts at 10000 Clintz and increases after each battle by adding the double of the Clintz won in the battle.
1st - 5th: 2% each (example for a 350 000 Jackpot: 7 000 Clintz)
6th - 10th: 1% each (example for a 350 000 Jackpot: 3 500 Clintz)
11th - 25th: 0.4% each (example for a 350 000 Jackpot: 1 400 Clintz)
26th - 50th: 0.3% each (example for a 350 000 Jackpot: 1 050 Clintz)
51st - 100th: 0.2% each (example for a 350 000 Jackpot: 700 Clintz)
101st - 150th: 0.1% each (example for a 350 000 Jackpot: 350 Clintz)
Higher than 151st: 50 Clintz each
The 1st player will also receive a bonus of 1 000 Clintz

Certain times of day are more active than others, this means a higher jackpot, but harder to place.  A few are really easy to place in, during late night/early morning for Europe and America.  You can see all this information by clicking the game tab, Game modes, Tourney, History.

Level 15-ELO Tournament
ELO is a week long tournament, with the highest winnings in the game.  Its a point system that resets every Monday.  You start on Monday with 1k points, and that increases or decreases based on how you win or loose fights in the ELO room.  ELO uses the same basic deck as Type 1, with certain overpowered cards being banned.  In order to take home any winnings, you must play at least 5 games and finish over 1k points.  That will net you 2 credits and 150 clintz.  The rewards get good quickly though, for finishing with 1200 exactly I won 707clintz and 5 credtis.  The rare cards that are given out are usually worth at least 1k clintz, and the collectors are worth 10-1000 times as much!  The competition can be rough, but as I said, a lot of the overpowered cards are banned from this mode, so it is much safer than Type 1 and 2.

ELO Tournament prizes:
* [Cards] 1 Collector card(s) for 12 random players from the ELO Tournament Top 100
* [Cards] 1 Rare card(s) for 50 random players with more than 1200 ELO points
* [Credits] the 1st wins 50 Credits.
* [Credits] the 2nd to 25th win 20 Credits.
* [Credits] Players beyond 25th, over or equal to 1300 ELO, win 10 Credits.
* [Credits] Players beyond 25th, over or equal to 1200 ELO and below 1300 ELO, win 5 Credits.
* [Credits] Players beyond 25th, over 1000 ELO and below 1200 ELO, win 2 Credits.
* [Clintz] 1st wins 4% of the Clintz Jackpot.
* [Clintz] 2nd wins 2% of the Clintz Jackpot.
* [Clintz] 3rd wins 1% of the Clintz Jackpot.
* [Clintz] 4th to in 0.5% of the Clintz Jackpot.
* [Clintz] 11th to in 0.25% of the Clintz Jackpot.
* [Clintz] Players beyond 25th and over 1200 ELO split the remaining 86.25% of the Clintz Jackpot according to their ELO scores.
* [Clintz] Players beyond 25th and over 1000 ELO with at least 5 games played receive 150 Clintz (not taken from the Clintz Jackpot).


  1. Thanks for posting this. I knew some of it already, but some of the general tips I didn't know at all. Now I know why I've lost some rounds where attack was tied. I just thought it was like rock/paper/scissors when attack is equal.

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